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So you’ve booked some time away, a spot of winter sun. You’ve stocked up on tanning lotion, taken your swimsuits out of storage, and bragged about it just enough to all your friends, but then comes the boring part – the packing. We may be used to seeing pictures of celebrities wheeling entire fleets of monogrammed designer luggage through customs, but that’s just not practical for the rest of us – the airline costs of the extra weight aside, you’d spend the whole flight worrying your expensive case was being bashed about in the hold.

There are several requirements a good suitcase has to meet. It needs to be spacious, easy to carry, and to stand out on the airport carousel. And it goes without saying that it needs to look good - you don’t want to be rolling into a boutique hotel looking like a shabby tourist who took a wrong turn. We’re loving these vintage cases from Toast (above), which remind us of what Paddington Bear always carried, and which you’ll certainly see coming in the melee at the airport arrivals.

Choose something which is cute without being cutesy – beautiful but still sturdy, and with enough pockets in the lining to slip all your beauty essentials inside. For something a little more portable, which you can glide around after you at the airport while you’re stocking up on your duty free Bailey’s and Elemis, go for a roller holdall, such as this one from Revelation (at ACHICA until Thursday 2 Feb 2012).

You can keep also things secure while you travel with a lock kit from Go Travel (at ACHICA until Thursday 2 Feb 2012).  We’ve also got our eye on this slinky Go Travel Secret Money Belt, which you can fill with travelers cheques and extra Euros when you’re on the go...

There are also a couple of tricks to packing well – and that doesn’t just mean remembering a spare Jilly Cooper. Roll up t shirts, skirts, shirt and shorts instead of folding them – you’ll fit a lot more in and they won’t be so creased the other end. Fold their arms into the centre and roll up towards the top.  And don’t underestimate how much you can slip inside shoes - to help the shoes themselves keep their shape and not get squashed and also to maximise room in the case. Bon voyage!

If all this talk of travel has got you dreaming of getting away, check out the range of long haul and short haul delights at ACHICA Travel.

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