How to make a Christmas stocking

Hang out these beautifully embroidered stockings on Christmas Eve to make one of the best-loved Christmas traditions even more special. Make one for each member of the family—they're sure to be treasured for years to come. These instructions are for the Christmas tree design.

Materials (to make one stocking)

Piece of felt or boiled wool, approx. 211⁄4 x 231⁄2 in. (54 x 60cm)

Piece of contrasting felt, 91⁄2 x 63⁄4 in. (24 x 17cm)


Dressmaker’s carbon paper and pencil

Red embroidery floss (thread)

Cream embroidery floss (thread)

Embroidery needle

Needle and matching sewing thread

Sewing machine

Length of ribbon, 201⁄2 in. (52cm)

1 Enlarge the stocking template to the required size and cut out the front and back pieces from the felt or boiled wool. Copy the Christmas tree shape from the template and cut out from contrasting felt.

2 Put a sheet of dressmaker’s carbon paper on top of the felt Christmas tree shape with the coloured, carbon side face down. Place the tree template on top. Draw over the design with a pencil to transfer the embroidery pattern onto the felt.

3 Follow the stitch guide on the template and use doubled red embroidery floss (thread) to embroider the pattern. When making the bullion knots at the edge of the tree, note that they increase in size as they are worked along the branch. Make the smaller ones by winding the thread twice around the needle and the largest ones by winding the thread four times around the needle.

4 Sew the embroidered tree to the front of the stocking using appliqué stitch positioning it 4in. (10cm) down from the top edge and centred on the width.

5 Embroider the star and knots around the tree in cream floss (thread), following the stitching guide on the template. Note that the bullion knots increase in size along the outside edge of the branch.

6 Place the front and back sections of the stocking right sides together and machine stitch down the right edge to the heel, taking

a 1⁄2-in. (13-mm) seam allowance.

7 Open the stocking out flat. Fold over a hem of approx. 1in. (2.5cm) along the top edge. Pin the length of ribbon along the top edge approx. 3⁄8in. (1cm) down. Machine stitch the ribbon to

the middle seam on the front section. Sew a few rows of stitching across the width of the ribbon to strengthen it.

8 Fold a loop of ribbon at the centre seam, then repeat the stitching to secure the ribbon on the back section.

9 With right sides together, sew approx. 21⁄2 in. (6cm) of zig zag stitch on the top of the seams to strengthen. (If using a fabric that frays, zig zag stitch the edge of the seam all around the stocking.) Trim the seam allowance and clip the curved edges, then turn right sides out, and press to finish.

Hang it on your fireplace mantel and wait for Santa!

Taken from Christmas Crafting in No Time by Claire Youngs, CICO Books, Photography by Claire Richardson, James Gardiner, and Kate Davis.

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