Year in industry – Factory Chic is the biggest trend of 2011

To look at interiors magazines, you would think that Shabby Chic has been the biggest trend of the year. Its return has been heralded as a move back to making the house a home, an easy-to-live-with excuse for not repainting anything and covering old sofas in dusty throws. But actually, what has translated better into the way we live is ‘Factory Chic’. It’s like the Shabby version, in that it means your interior doesn’t have to be pristine, but it’s just that bit more stylised, and an awfully lot cooler. Take some of the biggest restaurant launches of the year. Decked out by the biggest interior designers, they are often arbiters of the national mood. There is Spuntino’s exposed brickwork, which we’ve already praised in month’s past and, more recently, Gordon Ramsay’s new venture Bread St Kitchen, which is a cross between a Manhattan loft and meatpacking warehouse. Designed by Russell Sage, it’s all unfinished ceilings, wooden bar stools, and utility lighting, and just so happens to be the most buzzing new launch of the year. Create the look yourself with a mix of metal, woods, glass, and gloss, and you’ve got an instant Greenwich Village vibe. And nothing is cooler than that.

Service, please: Bread St Kitchen (above) gets the balance between factory and fabulous.

Sharp but sweet: Nevin Flatware from Anthropologie.

Hanging cool: Cosmo pendant from Original BTC.

Wonder wall: Hanging blue cabine locker from Berry Red.

Stepping up: Display shelves from Bubbledrum.

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