Pull out all the stops, the doorstops that is

Hold the front door! Doorsteps are back! There was a time when doorstops seemed a bit stuffy and superfluous, but those days are long gone. These days the quirkier the home accessory (within reason of course) the better. Check out these darling doorstop and bookend characters from Dora Designs. They're fun to look at and what's more, practical too. And the best bit is there's not a hint of
creepy taxidermy in sight. I think this is as close I'll ever get to owning a household pet.

Dora Designs, founded by Angela Stevens, is now in its 20th year and has recently had five of its products nominated for the Gift of the Year Award. The unique and original collection of animal-inspired products, including draft excluders too, are all made from high-
quality fabric. Clockwise from left above show the bookend versions: choose from Ollie the Owl, Monkey Trunks, Zara Swans and Bertie Hedgehog. There's an arc full of doorstop animal designs on promotion at ACHICA too (on Friday 9th December at 7am), which includes Leo Lion, Yorkie Yorkshire Terriers, Lizzie Ann Sitting Pig and, my favourite, Otis Otter. Hilariously wonderful.

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