The children's wallpaper challenge

When it comes to decorating a child’s bedroom the challenge is definitely on! If you can avoid anything Barbie or Spongebob squarepants related (much to the dismay and constant pestering of a seven year old) then well done. To avoid re-decorating a year down the line, it’s important to choose designs that are timeless and will grow with your child’s tastes. I’ve started hunting for the perfect look for my little girl’s room and my criteria are as follows:

1.It must be a neutral colour, nothing too pink or macho unless the design is truly gorgeous. No gender stereotyping here!
2.It needs to last at least 5-6 years
3.It needs to be ultra stylish and not look like every other child’s bedroom in town.

Here’s a list of my favourites so far. I almost want to have a boy just so I can use some of these papers (oh well, I could always use them on the inside of the wardrobe…)

Fabric companies are a great place to find beautiful wallpaper for children’s rooms and the best part is that they have the perfect fabrics to go with them. Harlequin has a fabulous selection for both boys and girls of all ages. The use of colours in its ‘What a hoot’ range is just spot on (above and below).

Equally stylish is the Vintage World Map Wallpaper Mural by DigetexHOME. Great for children of all ages and rather lovely for the living room too. This huge map comes in matching panels on paste the wallpaper so it’s really easy to put up.

What boy wouldn’t love this robot wallpaper from the Catkin Collection? It’s got that nostalgic feel going on. Each robot has so much detail. It’s made up from different patterns and perfect for a feature wall.

Hibou Home has some really lovely children's wallpaper in chalky colours - think Farrow & Ball tones. They're simple yet effective designs that will grow with them. Choose from Gymkana, Cactus Cowboy, Pirate Seas or Enchanted woods. The names are nearly as cool as the papers.

Colour Me wallpaper from Mimi Myne is great for children with a felt tip pen addiction. It’s available in unisex designs featuring clocks and towns. Now, where’s my daughter Darcey – this one is perfect for her!

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