The art of glass

With the return of shabby chic, mis-matched glassware has become less the product of a few breakages over the years leaving you with an odd collection, and more a lifestyle statement. Yes, in the same way that old clashing teacups have been used as the stylist’s shorthand for a homely vibe for years, now drinking glasses have become decoration, too. Displayed proudly on open shelves, used to hold tealights, flowers, or simply the contents of a good bottle of wine, they have a rustic quality that invites guests to get comfy, not worry about putting their elbows on the table, and help themselves to another tipple. Short and stumpy, long and brightly coloured, the more shapes and sizes you have the better. Just reserve the largest one for yourself – it’ll hold the most booze.

On the shelf: Where else to look but the Toast catalogue for a master class in mis-matched glass (above).

Bottle it up: These coloured carafes from Jasmine Way are pressed to impress (below)

French fancy: Duralex’s classic Picardie glasses from Drinkstuff are tres, tres belle

Bottoms up: LSA’s Coro tumblers are very berry

Bug-a-boo: There’s a surprise in store when you drink out of Undergrowth Design’s butterfly glass

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