Little House on the Prairie chic

Feast your eyes on a lovely marriage between sweet nostalgia and modern chic. The Semiologie quilts at Anthropologie are a collection created for the store by French fashion brand APC, known for the understated cool of its clothing. Being patchwork, the resulting quilts – designed by APC’s Jessica Ogden and Jean Touitou – are anything but understated, of course. Each is handmade using Anthropologie’s archive prints.

Some of six designs on offer (pictured above and below) might have you thinking along the log cabin, roaring fire, snow piled high, Sunday bonnet and lunch pail track – it’s all coming back, isn’t it? For those who have spotted that the name of the collection refers to the study of signs, the designing of quilts is indeed likened to the gathering of signs. But whether they get you thinking semiotics, or recalling a childhood misspent in front of the telly, on a cold autumn night they’ll make your bed look extra cosy and tempting, as well as on trend. And that's a neat trick to pull off.

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