Love is blinds

I once interviewed a Danish lady about her house, and about how wonderfully fresh her Copenhagen apartment looked, with its large windows, bleached wood flooring, and acres of space and light. Having only seen the photographs, and speaking to her on the phone, I was shocked to learn that it was actually just a two bed flat, which she claimed was tiny. ‘It just looks bigger because I keep the windows without curtains,’ she said in her charming and almost undetectable Scandi accent. ‘I do not understand the British obsession with fabric, with curtains and carpets everywhere. They attract dirt, and just aren’t helpful in your quest for a clean and uncluttered life.’

With that in mind, and because curtains are now being drawn a lot earlier in the evening, we’ve decided to look at the alternatives. After all, drapes can often impose on the room, take up more space than you really have and, let’s face it, house enough dust to make even Miss Havisham blanch. This is what we found in the way of shutters, blinds and more...

Colour me beautiful: A rainbow selection of shutters at Shutterly Fabulous (above)

Sex and the city: A very covetable photographic blind (seen here with Nelson's Column) from Digetex (below)

Touch me: Textural orange at House Couturier

Back to black: A touch of noir at California Blind Company

Film star: ditch the net curtains with this pane covering from the Window Film Company

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