If you want breakfast in bed…

...sleep in the kitchen. Firm but fair words from the Keep Calm Gallery in this rather funny screen print. If you fancy hanging something a little less sarcastic on your wall then you might like the You Look Lovely Today print instead, shown below. Or, hang both prints on opposite sides of the room and point to them accordingly, depending on your mood. The prints shown here, which include depictions on tea towels too, are by Lucas and Hayley Lepola from the original Keep Calm Gallery - a company born out of the pair's passion for typography in poster design, British heritage and the medium of screen printing.

The Keep Calm Gallery also sells these sweet Thank You For Being You tea towels, which make great presents and look equally good hanging on the kitchen wall. This A-Z of London tea towel is also great fun. Anyone for jellied eels?This print makes its point rather nicely - tea does indeed revive you, or perhaps a glass of wine does the trick...

I realise the Keep Calm and Carry On message has been adjusted in some ironic ways over the past year (the silliest take on it I've seen is 'Keep Calm and OMG Are Those Aliens?!) but the original is a masterpiece for the wall in stylish shades of grey and navy as seen here. Interestingly, the original Keep Calm poster was never actually made public in the 1940s. Unfortunately, there's no record of the civil servant who came up with the simple British message, and it's thought that most of the original Keep Calm posters were destroyed in 1945. But 60 years later, a bookseller from Barter Books came across a copy amongst a pile of old books bought at auction and shared the message and the rest, they say, is history...

The Keep Calm Gallery promotion at ACHICA is on now until 7am Thursday 2nd December.

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