Quiz question: What was Andy Warhol's real name?

The budding art historians among you will know that the painter, filmmaker and author Andy Warhol was originally called Andrew Warhola and changed his name when he moved to New York to make his mark in 1949. New York is where it all began for Andy Warhol and where he became a leading figure in the Pop Art Movement.

In the early 1960s he started to experiment with reproductions using images of popular culture and in 1962 began his eponymous series of Marilyn Monroe portraits. You can find a collection of his best-loved work on promotion at ACHICA today and a sprinkling of lesser-known images, along with black and white framed works of some of the icons he immortalised in print.  Portrait of Maurice (above), Green Cat, Beethoven and Skull (all below) are just some of the iconic prints included. In the promotion there's also black and white framed photographic prints of Marilyn Monroe by renowned photographers of the day including Mark Lipson, Ed Feingersh and Mathew Zimmerman. I hope you'll agree they're really rather eye catching. And, do read on for more elevenzes 'real name' quiz questions...

Green Cat by Andy Warhol (above)

Beethoven by Andy Warhol (above)

Skull by Andy Warhol (above)

Marilyn Motion Picture by Ed Feingersh (above)

Here's a few more 'real name' quiz questions for elevenzes:

Who changed their name from Priscilla Maria Veronica White?

Who was born Robert Allen Zimmerman?

Whose real name is Paul Hewson?

Who was born Calvin Broadus?

The Iconic Images promotion at ACHICA is on now until 7am Saturday 19th November.

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