Make room to recline – 5 best sofas

When I moved into my home six years ago, I didn’t have a bed, or even a mattress to start off with. I slept on a pile of duvets on the floor for the first five months (surprisingly comfy), until I finally had enough cash to furnish the place. I used that time spent to decide what would look good, where, too. What I did buy straight away however, was a sofa. The Klippan, from Ikea, to be precise. Short and boxy, it was their cheapest one, and probably not the comfiest, but it at least allowed me to lie in front of the television, sipping a cup of tea and reading a magazine - a necessity in any home.

I eventually upgraded my Klippan to an Italian L-shaped beast, larger and more comfy than the bed I eventually bought, and have never looked back since. I love it so much it would be the one thing I’d save in a fire (ignoring the difficulties of lugging it down the stairwell). A good sofa is one of life luxuries, and with winter setting in, if you don’t have one that you love sitting on it may be time to invest. After all, what is a lounge for if it’s not lounging around?

Sweet dreams: The clue is in the name for Graham and Green’s Purple Dream sofa (above).

Cuts the mustard: Get mellow on this yellow Rosaline sofa from Darlings of Chelsea.

Bed head: You just know this Spitalfield sofa from the French Bedroom Company will be somewhere you’ll always be able to nap on.

Winter blues: Stretch out and hibernate on Rume’s Oriel sofa

Sit back and relax: The chunky form of Next’s sofa makes it ideal for fitting the whole family.

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