Pillow talk…

Bedrooms are for more than just sleeping in. Aside from the obvious, they’re also a place of sanctuary, a room to hunker down in, hide from the world, and turn into a nest where nobody can reach you. A good bedroom needs to have the following: a bed, of course, and good lighting. ‘I like to have individual wall sconces on each side of the bed,’ says the interior designer Nina Campbell, who has clearly lived through the argument that happens when one half of the couple wants to go to sleep and the other still wants to read. You also need a chair to sling half-dirty clothes over, some drawers to hide things away in, and some cushions and throws to add to the cosiness. Pale pinks, greys and aquas are the most common colours for walls because they feel very soothing and calm, adding to the feeling of serenity a good bedroom should provide. And, if you’re anything like me you’ll also need a lot of self discipline to ensure you actually make the bed each morning.

Soft Touch: Throw down the gauntlet in good bedroom accessories and go for the softest blanket you can find such as this Pindus Cashmere Throw in Dusty Rose.

Where you lay your head: An English roll-arm sofa adds a touch of grandeur
Off the wall: Fix a Spica lamp from All Up and On on each side of the bed to stop rows over who turns off the light...
Main drawer: Hide your old things in an ornate and unique set of drawers...
Red-dy for anything: this Chesterfield chair from can be used for reading, watching TV, or simply as a clothes horse...
In the knit: This Valentine’s Cushion will add some heart to the room.

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