Cafe Latte roses and other gorgeous blooms

There’s something about flowers that just finish off a room. Whatever colour or bloom you choose your home instantly becomes more warm and inviting. I don’t know many interior stylists who aren’t budding florists (no pun intended!) We always have to cut, position arrange and snip them to get the perfect shot. Whenever I get invited to a ‘flower arranging masterclass – thank you M&S!’ I jump at the chance. I don’t think I would ever have had the courage to chop a rose’s stem right next to the flower head in order to arrange it in a tea cup unless I had lots of nudging. After all it’s a crime to chop up flowers so carelessly – even though it does look fantastic!

When it comes to favourite flowers roses are nearly always top of my list, but not just any old roses. They have to be big and scented and old school – by that I mean they need to look like they’re just picked from the garden. I don’t mind what colour they are, but I have to say that nothing comes close to tea roses like the aptly named Cafe Latte, Julia and Margaret Merril scented roses from The Real Flower Company

Peonies are another favourite but they are frustratingly only in bloom during the summer for just three weeks, so it’s well worth checking out The Real Flower Company’s Peony roses. Although technically they are a rose they have so many layers of petals they are every bit as beautiful as a Peony, and what’s more they are grown on their farm in Kenya from May till October. I defy anyone to tell the difference! Just look at this St Cecelia rose.

David Austin Roses has been on my radar since I started working as an interior stylist on magazines. It has so many beautiful unique roses in so many shades and they really do smell divine. My top choices would be the Miranda, Juliet and the Darcey Rose (as that’s my daughter’s name and the colour is really sumptuous!) I also love it that you can by its rose bushes to grow your own blooms in your own garden.

It’s also worth mentioning the gorgeous arrangements you can get on the high street. M&S always has a great winter choice and with its ‘7 day guarantee’ on most blooms you can’t go wrong.

Interflora has also upped its game with more modern arrangements and fab strong colours. So it doesn’t matter if it’s bleak outside, there’s always a way to make your home bright and cheerful.

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