How to make a Wonderland Apron

Today I'm loving these quirky Alice in Wonderland aprons. Find out how to make them here…I’ve just been flicking through new title Everything Alice by Hannah Read-Baldrey & Christine Leech (Quadrille Publishing) and came across these quirky and cool Alice in Wonderland-style aprons. Don’t they look great?

I already own a couple of aprons. But last year, in a bid to find a new hobby, I took up oil painting and so my aprons are covered in paint (picture Turner’s finest work – my attempts were nothing like that). So with that little phase out of the way, I think it’s time to get my hands on some fresh new aprons. They’d look great hanging in the kitchen and perfect for when I have a Lorraine 'domestic goddess' Pascale moment and decide to whip up some cupcakes on a Sunday afternoon (good intentions rule supreme). So, if you're feeling a little creative this weekend, here's how to make a Wonderland Apron:

Alice’s Wonderland Apron

You will need
2.5m of 1.3m-wide (minimum) toile de jouy or similar fabric
2m x 10cm lightweight
white cotton
matching sewing thread
3m length of 1cm-wide navy velvet ribbon
1m length of 1cm-wide
white lace

Note: The seam allowance is 1cm throughout.

Using the template (copy from below), cut two body pieces from the toile de jouy fabric. Transfer any markings from the template to the fabric.

To make the apron, place the pieces together with right sides facing. Pin and tack. Stitch around the edges with a 1cm seam allowance, leaving between points “A” (top left strap on template below) and “B” (top right strap on template below) open. If necessary, clip the curved seams. Turn right sides out. Press. Turn under a 1cm hem along the open edge and topstitch closed.

For the neck strap, cut a strip of toile measuring 112cm x 12cm. Press under a 1cm hem on all edges, keeping them straight. Fold the strip in half lengthways with right sides facing out. Topstitch along all four sides.

To make the strap frill, fold the white cotton in half lengthways with right sides facing out. Press. Pin the strip along the neck strap in evenly spaced box pleats. One way to do this is to pin the middle and ends of the strip to the corresponding points on the strap, then work the pleats within these sections. Tack, then topstitch. Pin the neck strap to the top of the waistband at the marked points “X” (left side of waistband on template below) and “Y” (right side of waistband on template below). Pin and sew the strap to the apron with the frill on the outside edge.

For the waistband tie, cut a strip of toile measuring 242cm x 17cm. Make as for the neck strap. Fold the tie in half and mark the centre with a pin. Align this pin with marked point “C” (waist area on the template below) on the apron. Pin in place across the waist and over the neck strap ends. Topstitch in place.

For the skirt frill, cut a strip of toile de jouy measuring 150cm x 16cm. Turn under a 1cm hem along both sides and the bottom edge. Trim with velvet ribbon. To make evenly spaced box pleats, pin the raw edge of the frill to the marked line “3” (bottom broken line on template below) on the apron. Pin and tack, then topstitch. Cover the raw edge with a length of lace and velvet ribbon.

To finish, trim the bib of the apron with a length of lace and velvet ribbon as shown.

Fold the fabric so the two upper folds of the pleat face in opposite directions, while the two under folds are laid toward each other.

Apron template:

Here are the styles you can make:

Alice Apron project taken from Everything Alice by Hannah Read-Baldrey & Christine Leech

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