Expert baking tips for the bank holiday weekend

You may well have seen some gorgeous baking recipes on ACHICA Living lately courtesy of Jane Curran, the Editor of Feel Good Food magazine. Click here for a look at our range of delicious recipes. Jane has also shared her expert knowledge with some great baking tips, which might just come in useful if you're planning a baking session this bank holiday weekend. Enjoy...

Don’t over mix muffin or scone mixes as you’ll end up with a heavy dense result.

Full fat Philadelphia works best for cream cheese frostings. For some reason, own-label ones dissolve into liquid as soon as you add icing sugar – weird!

For perfect melted chocolate, put in a heatproof bowl over a little simmering water. Don’t let the bowl touch the water – any moisture will make the chocolate 'seize'. But this method is much better than using a microwave,  which can be uneven and too 'fierce'.

You can freeze sponge cake for up to a month and then add decoration once it’s thawed.

Use yogurt and crème fraiche instead of double cream when filling meringues for a healthy feel good factor.

If you prefer an alcohol free dessert just replace it with orange juice.

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