Helen Gordon's top tips on decorating a child's bedroom

Helen Gordon is a top designer of clothing, accessories and stationery for children, which are inspired by some of our best-loved fairy tales. We quizzed her for her top tips on decorating a child's room and here they are...

1) Think of a theme for the room and the colour palette you want to use. For example, for my little boy's room I did't like the typical tractor or dinosaur themes so I went for white walls, a striped roman blind and bright accessories such as the monster lights seen in the picture (above).

2) Consider the size of the room and how high the ceiling is. Too much pattern in a small room can be overbearing. I think it looks good to either have all white walls and accessories with wall stickers and pictures or to have 1-2 walls that are wallpapered in the theme. For example, if your theme was fairytales you could use my Hansel and Gretel wallpaper on one wall (pictured below) and all the rest of the walls could be a cream colour.

3) The room accessories really make the room come to life and I like to mix and match. This can be fun and inexpensive. Mobiles or ornamental decorations could be hung from the ceiling, such as the star lanterns that I found in India to hang from my son's ceiling (as seen above). You could buy a modern square frame and buy some vintage fabric from eBay to fill the frame (as seen below).

You could even have a go at painting with oils on a canvas a simple naive animal like in the picture below.

4) Children have plenty of little ornaments and bits and pieces that need to be stored somewhere. Being inventive with shelving can really add character to a room and help to de-clutter the floor area. I love the triangle shelf (pictured below).

5) Using different types of textiles in a room can give colour and texture. I am a fan of craft techniques like patchwork, crocheting and knitting and second hand shops can be a good source for finding these materials. I really like the handmade crocheted stools and blankets from Wood Wool Stool

Helen Gordon has some beautiful accessories for children, such as the Decorative Flower Elephants and Large Red Flower cushions, the Three Little Pigs wallpaper and the Folk Flower Lampshade. If you missed ACHICA's Helen Gordon promotion last week, you can view her entire range on the Helen Gordon website here

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