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ACHICA Living catches up with the hottest designer of the moment, Lee Broom, to talk about his latest Parq Life range for design collective Deadgood...

In fashion, the “Designer of the Moment” seems to change almost daily. In interiors, there has only been one name on everyone’s lips for the past three years: Lee Broom. His first collection in 2007 included neon lights bent around vintage furniture, he then moved on to covering cabinets, lamps and tables in carpet. A collection for Heal’s quickly followed, and he has just finished designing a personal shopping area for Topman’s Oxford Street store (image below). As he launches a range for design collective Deadgood called Parq Life, based around parquetry, ACHICA Living catches up with him for a quick Q&A...

Topman Personal Shopping Space (above)

How did the idea of using parquetry for furniture come about?

I’ve always got some design ideas up my sleeve that I haven’t used, and parquetry was one of them. I was going around old buildings and noticing parquet floorings, particularly in herringbone patterns, and thought it would be interesting to see what I could do with it.

It does seem that parquet flooring is very popular right now, and a real selling point for houses that have it. Why do you think this is?

It’s just such a beautiful design. People have been decorating various aspects of their home for years – feature walls and wallpapers have been around for ages, and naturally you start to look at what other surfaces you can apply decoration to. It was only a matter of time before people turned their attention to the floor, and aside from mosaic, parquet is the most well-crafted example of what you can put underfoot.

Are you pleased with how parquetry looked like on your collection?

Absolutely – Deadgood have been brilliant manufacturers for this. I always think how pieces would look in my home, and I think they’re going to look nice on wooden flooring. There’s more of a trend now for mixing wooden colours - you can mix pale woods with oak stained. There’s also quite a lot of brass on these pieces – all the tops are polished brass, so you’ll need some other brushed gold details in the room. But gold as a metallic finish is a really nice change from polished stainless steel and chrome, it’s just a lot warmer and more welcoming.

How would you describe your style?

I never know how to describe my own style – I guess I have fascinations with fashion and with putting architecture into furniture. I like my pieces to tell a story and sometimes have a bit of drama. My work isn’t retiring or shy but commands attention. Others might talk about a mix between traditional and contemporary styles in my collection but I just do what feels comfortable.

And what have you got happening next?

I’m focusing on my September collection – I can’t say too much but it centres around upholstery...

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