'Floorboards are over' says Cath Kidston

Wooden floorboards have been the most-craved aesthetic for years. In all their Scandiwegian charm they look great, smell great, and have that perfect feel of understated sophistication. What they don’t do, unfortunately, is feel warm and welcoming in our often drafty British climes. 'Floorboards are over,' says Cath Kidston - the Queen of all things comfortable and comforting. 'Yes, they look great, but they’re not nice to step out of bed on to. In my bedroom I’ve got a huge rug that goes right up to a foot from the wall. It means I can see the white floorboards at the edge, but am walking on a thick carpet.' They’re also a quick way to add a bit of colour and drama to a room – go for a big bold pattern as well a deep, soft pile.  Yes, you can now step away from the statement wall because in the world of interiors, it’s time to take to the floor with these best new rugs...

Sofa so good: Clock rug from Garren Denny Lane (above)

In a circle: Barking Mad rug from Loophouse (below)

Blooming marvellous: Floral Garland rug, Heal’s

Flagged up: Union Isle rug, John Lewis

Snug as a bug in a rug: Augusta Beetle rug, House Couturier

Not for shrinking violets: Formosa rug by Nani Marquina at Woven Ground

Taj Jewel from Rugs with flair at ACHICA today

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