Do you have the perfect outfit for playing the part?

Do you ever buy outfits without having somewhere suitable to wear them? It's become a bit of habit of mine. So far this year I've bought an Annie Hall style waistcoat, trousers and tie (yes, really) – perfect for an impromptu trip to New York I thought, but which in reality I’ll have to settle on wearing down to my local pub. I convinced myself I needed some glossy purple Hunter wellies too, so I'll look the part when I go fishing in the country. I have no intention of  going fishing in the country. I've also got a Bavarian-style Heidi dress (couldn’t resist – it was on sale in Debenhams), which would be fitting if I was climbing the Alps, but the only hill I plan on climbing anytime soon is the one I live on.

So yesterday I found myself popping into Hennes to buy my best friend a birthday present, but I came out having bought a safari-style jacket for myself instead. Reasoning? It was in the sale for a tenner and it will look great if I ever go on safari! I had no intention of going on safari when I bought it, but I thought I'd better get it just in case: ever since I turned up in the Borneo jungle last year wearing a summer dress I swore I would never go unprepared again (I didn't read the small print and didn't realise there'd be jungle night walks with crocodiles, swamps, snakes and flying yellow spiders - not sure that's their technical name, but that's a different story).

So anyhow, with my new safari jacket I'm now prepared for whatever comes my way. Having just seen this gorgeous Mozambique holiday on promotion at ACHICA today, I think it's a sign – a reason to use my new safari-style jacket. The holiday is based at an exclusive beach lodge, set on a peninsula surrounded by the blue waters of the Indian Ocean and East Africa's finest beaches. There's beach time on the private beach, but there's also game and fly fishing, diving, waterskiing, canoeing, bush walks, bird watching, mangrove river trips and sunset sailing on dhows. I’m very tempted to book – I think it would be rude to waste the safari jacket...

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