Out on the tiles…and the beach

I’ve just returned from a spot of business in Barcelona and couldn’t quite believe how beautiful the weather is out there at this time of year. I never thought I’d be randomly paddling my feet in the Med at midnight in March, but that also might have something to do with the Sangria too (eherm…#dotrythisabroad). Anyhow, as a result, it’s got me dreaming of hotter climes and ways to add a little warmth at home in the UK, without having to crank up the thermostat, and I’ve just stumbled across this beautiful new tile collection from Original Style, which just might help to warm things up.

Odyssey by Original Style is a beautiful range of made-to-order patterned tiles inspired by 'journeys of worldwide adventure and discovery'. The eye-catching collection of 6” tiles, complementary borders and corners, are ideal for both interior and exterior settings including bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, conservatories and patios. The tiles are intended for use on floors, but because of their decorative nature they can also be used effectively on walls. The patterns are fresh and timeless, with a design to suit both modern and classic settings. Choose from the beautiful jade, grey and blue swirls of Phoenician (my personal fave – above), the Spanish-inspired Alhambra design, which reflects patterns seen repeated in palaces, churches and other buildings throughout Andalusia and the gloriously simple and stylish Persian design (both below).

Alhambra tile design by Original Style (above).

Persian tile design by Original Style (above and below)

The Ottoman design by Original Style (below) is based on geometric lattice patterns that have been used for centuries for decorating everything from wooden and metal screens, to rugs and kelims...

The Romanesque design (below) is inspired by the star motif from a filigree lamp...

...while Rococo is inspired by the style and architecture of the 18th century. Cute dog unfortunately not included.

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