App of the week – Hipstamatic

The look, feel and fun of retro and plastic toy cameras of the past have become the ‘in’ thing of late, with people frequently plumping for film cameras over digital thanks to their unpredictable beauty and depth.  To get the creative, experimental effect, you could either spend a fair few pounds on an analogue film camera from the Lomography store, or, if you have an Apple iPhone, you could spend £1.19 on Hipstamatic, the iPhone App that adds a nostalgic flair to your photographs.

Combining the quirks of shooting old school with the ability to swap lenses, film and flash settings with the swipe of a finger, the app allows you to create an endless number of flash-lens-film combinations (this can be further increased with Histapacks, bundles of add-ons for 59p), and then immediately share your best prints on Facebook, enter photo contests or order analogue prints, which are delivered to your door straight from the app.

Characterised by vignettes, blurring, over saturation, discolouration and funky edge effects, Hipstaprints have a casual and seemingly accidental snapshot feel. £1.19 will get you the base model Hipstamatic, which includes a great set of standard lenses, films and flashes to get you started.

Pictures taken with the Hipstamatic have their very own look and unique character – artistic and painted with light and quirk, they are frequently surprising and offer a delicate beauty turning your iPhone into an instant art-making machine. It's by far the most addictive app I’ve found so far...

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