Vanessa Arbuthnott's hand-printed fabrics

A recent visit to a traditional block-printing workshop in India inspired Vanessa Arbuthnott's latest Hand Printed collection of beautiful organic linen fabrics. ‘I have a special affinity for hand-printed fabrics – it was, after all, how I created my very first fabrics more than 20 years ago!' says Vanessa. 'I find the little reminders that they have been printed by man not machine so charming: a small imperfection here, perhaps a not dead-straight line there all add to their enchantment and uniqueness.'

As the collection name suggests, the designs are hand screen-printed and hand block-printed on tactile and durable linen union - a beautiful blend of linen and organic cotton. They feature three designs including Life and Eternity: a traditional paisley fertility symbol, Butterfly Dance (shown above); an enchanting butterfly motif, and Simple Ticking; a broad ticking stripe. The colour palette is equally charming - comprising spinach, pigeon (not the shabby Trafalgar Sq variety - Ed), sunflower, teal, brick, stone and charcoal...

I wonder if the dog appreciates what a good thing he's on to...

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