Old tin clocks rock

An old tin clock from the 1930s, which was found in a Paris flea market, has been the inspiration for many of Roger Lascelles' vintage clock designs. These clocks are 20% 'rusty' and 100% charming. Founder Roger started out as an antiques dealer specialising in clocks, most of which were being exported to America and never likely to return to the UK. In 1986, this prompted Roger to start photographing the pretty dial designs on grandfather clocks, printing them and then turning them into clocks with quartz movements to sell in his London antique shop. The company is now the UK's largest clock manufacturer, selling authentic clock designs that capture the essence of past periods such as Art Deco, 50's retro and Victorian classics. You can choose from French bistro advertising clocks to mirror-framed Manhattan showstoppers. I love the look of the St Etienne clock (above) and not just because it spells out my favourite word: Chocolat.

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