Passepartout posing with Authentic Models

This week you can expect to find me sitting in my 'study' (aka spare box room), alongside a globe and a pair of binocs. I'll be tuning into Radio 4's Shipping Forecast and swaying along to Ronald Binge's Sailing By while planning my next travel adventure, Rough Guide and highlighter in hand...The reason? I've fallen in love with the romantic collection of nautical furniture, artefacts and accessories by Authentic Models', which are inspired by the age of exploration, maritime history and cartography. Its glamorous vintage range includes globes, binoculars, telescopes and compasses. Not quite sure I'll seriously need them, but they make great gifts and are the perfect objet d'art to add character to the room - and it makes me look the part, the Passepartout part. And who needs Brian Cox when you've got the wonderful Solar System Mobile below?

17th to 19th century Lifeboat Compass in wooden box (above)

Victory in Sight telescope in attractive ebonized wood and brass height-adjustable tripod.

The wonderful Solar System Mobile (above)

Have a spin on the Weber Costello Globe (above)

The Authentic Models promotion at starts 8am on 1st Feb and ends 8am on 3rd Feb 2011.

To read more about the Authentic Models range, click here

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