Original Travel's holiday hot spot – hang out in Borneo

Got itchy feet after all that sitting around eating Quality Street at Christmas? To tie in with the launch of ACHICA Travel, with award-winning travel and holiday specialist Original Travel, we asked the experts for a February holiday hot spot. And what a delight to hear about the holiday destination of the month - Borneo. Few destinations have as much to offer as this enormous island, shared between Malaysia and Indonesia and the tiny oil-rich state of Brunei. Original Travel recommends a visit to the Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak and they alone contain enough diversity to entertain families, wildlife enthusiasts, divers and honeymooners alike.For families, this truly is where the wild things are, as new species of beasties are discovered on a seemingly monthly basis. Borneo is also one of the last places on earth to see orangutans, the 'men of the jungle', in their natural habitat. Children and kidults alike can help the orangutan conservation cause by sponsoring an individual, and Original Travel's hirsute friend Sen is doing swingingly...Elsewhere in the dense jungle interior are fascinating villages where you can stay overnight with indigenous tribes going about their lives in the same way they have for centuries, before catching a longboat safari to see the wildlife from pygmy elephants, monitor lizards and crocodiles to proboscis monkeys.

And Borneo's own islands are pretty special, such as Lankayan, one of the best dive destinations in the world, and Selingan Turtle Island, a favourite nesting site of giant turtles that travel hundreds of miles to lay their eyes on the same beach they were hatched on years before. You can see the turtles laying their eggs at night and watch the baby turtles hatch and run to the sea...

If this isn't enough to keep you interested, then there's always Mount Kinabalu (at 13,500ft South East Asia's tallest peak) to conquer. It's not a technical climb, but you do need to be fit, and the views from the top are a great reward. And for honeymooners? All of the above, plus immaculate beachfront hotels, so there really is pretty much something for everyone...

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