If you like it, then you should put a wreath on it

Season's Tweetings! Check out these Christmas cottages for birds - nevermind greeting guests with a festive looking front door, have you made the birds in your garden suitably welcome in such frosty times? These decorative bird houses and bird feeders from Outdoor Accents are simply adorable and will certainly do the trick. Outdoor Accents signature Victorian and cottage-inspired 'Bird Mansions' will make happy residents of common garden birds, including robins, wrens and sparrows. Many of the bird houses are themed, such as this Christmas Cottage Birdfeeder (above) and the Halloween Birdfeeder (below). If the birds could just tweet Christmas carols too, it would make the perfect party piece...

The design of Bellport Cottage Birdfeeder (below) is based on the Village of Bellport, which sits half way between New York City and Montauk Point right on the Great South Bay.

This two-story Prairie Farmhouse (above) features a classic rocking chair porch, window and door moldings and a pine shingled roof!

The Season's Tweetings birdhouse (above) comes equipped with accessories for all four (American) holiday seasons - a pumpkin for Halloween, a Christmas tree for the festive season, an American flag for 4th July and a miniature birdhouse to herald the arrival of Spring/Easter.

The Menio Park Birdhouse (above) is a recreation of Thomas Edison's world famous Menio Park laboratory. Today you'll find a replica of the actual building in Michigan. Lucky birds - I wish my house had as much rich history...

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