Gustav Klimt's The Kiss on the tiles

I do love a nice tile, and a nice kiss, and a good bit of art for that matter (I studied History of Art and Architecture at uni and take great delight in attempting to answer all, if not only, the art questions on University Challenge). So, when news of Original Style's hand-decorated tile featuring Klimt's masterpiece The Kiss came my way, I just had to share. The Kiss was painted by Gustav Klimt in Vienna in 1907 and is probably the world's most valuable painting - it's great to see a famous masterpiece that's as opulent as this used in such a dramatic way in the home.

The dazzling 2ft x 2ft tile is enhanced by 24-carat gold and its beautiful glow is created by using pure platinum during the firing of the rich, jewel colours. The tile is the largest, most complex tile ever produced by Original Style and can be used on bedroom walls, bathrooms, above fireplaces, as kitchen splashbacks  - anywhere that steam, strong sunlight, heat and UV would be an issue.

I wish all companies would reproduce art in a similarly tasteful way - anyone responsible for making Edvard Munch's The Scream ubiquitous on coffee cups, posters and coasters take note (and may we never forget how truly magical the image really is - Amen).

But perhaps Klimt doesn't do it for you. Would you prefer Picasso's Guernica on a hall rug? Bridget Riley's Movement in Squares on your headboard? Or Michelangelo's The Last Judgment on your living room wall?  Now that would make a very interesting 'style statement'...

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