Anyone for cheese, glorious cheese?

I do love a bit of cheese at Christmas and I'm not just referring to my fascination with Bowie in Bing and Bowie's Little Dummer Boy. I can eat Sainsbury's super strong Blue Stilton cheese by the truck load. Marks & Spencer's White Stilton with Cranberries is a firm favourite too, and, while I've started on the subject, I wouldn't say no to a slice of St Paulin cheese either. How about you? All this talk of cheese came about when I clocked Jean Patrique's professional-style cookware earlier, which will be on promotion at ACHICA this week.

Q: What better way to wind down Christmas day than with a beautifully presented cheeseboard and breadboard, with cutting-edge knives to match? A: I personally don't think there is a better's the simple things in life that matter, right...

Cook like a pro with practical and stylish, quality cookware and kitchen tools from Jean Patrique, Europe's largest cookware suppliers. There’s something for everyone - from cheeseboards, breadboards, knife sets, casserole dishes, serveware, champagne chillers and ice cream makers.

ACHICA has a promotion with Jean Patrique starting at 8am on 23rd Dec to 8am on 28th Dec 2010.

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