Woop, there it is…

The correct term to refer to a group of cows is 'herd', right? And then there's a 'gaggle' of geese and a 'pride' or lions. You also say a 'murder' of crows and a 'whoop' of baboons. Stick with me, I'm going somewhere with this.

Did you know that it's an 'embarrassment' of pandas, an 'aurora' of polar bears and an 'ostentation' of peacocks? Well, clever you if you did, and shame on me, as I didn't. So what a delight it was to discover these limited edition prints by Woop, a new studio founded by a group of friends united by a love of graphic design, words and images. The prints include the delightful 'Parliament of Owls', 'Wake of Vultures', 'Army of Ants', 'Stand of Flamingos' and more...

Woop's aim is to bring a unique and exciting angle to the world of collective nouns by depicting them in a creative and playful way. The Woop team includes Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima who have spent the last decade working as graphic designers on the Harry Potter franchise; award-winning photographer Harriet Logan; and, entrepreneur Mark Faulkner.

Contemporary design showroom EDC London will host Woop Studio's first exhibition of magical graphic artwork exploring the studio's charming fascination with collective nouns. The Woop exhibition at EDC London runs from November 21st – December 24th 2010, Monday-Saturday, 10am – 6pm. And if you can't make it to the EDC showroom but are fascinated with these collective noun prints then check out Woop's online gallery 'with a difference'. It launches tomorrow ( Nov 24th 2010) and hopes to build a woop community and generate new ways to enjoy these wonderful words.

I'm just hoping collective nouns come up as a question in my local pub quiz next week - 911, I'll be on fire.

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