Gruesome cakes and gory gateaux

Fancy a Blood Transfusion cupcake? Or how about a Giant Poke In the Eye velvet cupcake? Yum. This Halloween, I plan to go out and gorge myself on gruesome cakes and gory gateaux from Cox Cookies & Cake – so much more satisfying than staying home and waiting for greedy kids to come and raid my emergency chocolate stash! I'll also be heading to the  Met Bar for the Day Of The Dead De-Light afternoon tea (pictured above), which combines Mexico’s iconic Day of the Dead festival celebrations with its waist-friendly Afternoon De-Light dishes – available until November 2nd.  Expect sugar skulls, coffin-shaped chilli-chocolate mud pies, Mexican teacakes that ooze dark cherry "blood" and Mexican-themed no-bread sandwich pots filled with jalapeno foam, crayfish and tequila jelly. Intrigued? I am.

For that takeaway treat,  the Soho cake shop Cox Cookies & Cake is packed with a huge variety of irresistible adult-friendly cupcakes designed by shoe-designer extraordinaire Patrick Cox and Master Patissier, Eric Lanlard.

As well as its usual opulent and skull-topped edible beauties, Cox Cookies & Cake has extended the range to include a fabulous Halloween offering – Giant Poke in the Eye velvet cakes, Vampire Kiss cupcakes with raspberry compote "blood", Blood Transfusion cupcakes and Pumpkin cakes adorned with skull and crossbones.  Deliciously terrifying!

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