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A subtle Anglepoise accent in the corner of a room, whether it's a home office, living room or bedroom space, certainly adds subtle style, while a giant Anglepoise that's bright orange and towers twice your size certainly makes a statement! We have the regular designs and rather cool giant designs, originally commissioned for the Roald Dahl Museum, on promotion at ACHICA.

The first Anglepoise lamp was designed by George Carwardine in 1932. Using the human arm as inspiration, he created a system of perpetual tension using springs. The result was a lamp that could be angled to provide 'maximum illumination with the minimum of fuss'. In celebration of the 75th anniversary of the first Anglepoise lamp, the iconic original was released with a weighted base and in a range of finishes (see below). To mark the occasion last year, the original Anglepoise design was part of a series of ten charming stamps by the Royal Mail (see above), celebrating British design classics including the Concorde, the Routemaster and the Mini.

Designed to mimic a traditional banker's light, the Anglepoise Type 1228 is equally beautiful. It has a two-tone shade (white on the inside and coloured on the outside) to project the best working light around the room. And if you're wanting to create a modern style statement in your home, the Giant Anglepoise is perfect - it's three times the size of the 1227 design and was originally commissioned for the Roald Dahl Museum, with the wonderfully quirky Tim Burton owning one he won at auction.

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