Celia Birtwell's new fabrics…and cute dog

If you can just make it past the pooch and his cute and curious face you'll see Celia Birtwell's new range of Birdsong fabric. It's on the wall. Are you past his face yet? Awww...it took me a while to get there. Print designer Celia Birtwell ("the face that launched a thousand prints") revealed her new website yesterday and it's a gem of a site featuring her vintage fashion, fabrics and gifts and a host of other inspirational pictures, including a print of Celia Birtwell by David Hockney.

There are two new fabrics worth clocking. They do move away from Celia's distinctive bold designs, which draw influence from Picasso, Matisse and the classical world, but they still have her signature romantic, feminine charm. One of the new fabrics is Birdsong (see below for a distraction-free close up) and Milson Ticking. They come in two beautiful linens - natural and crisp - in a choice of four colourways - French Blue, Ivory, Charcoal, Cherry and Red. I love the way these traditional prints can be instantly given a modern twist. When the French Blue Birdsong print is teamed with a burst of Classical Night Star on Beige Linen, for example, (I refer you back to dog and his collar) an otherwise obvious country look really packs a punch. Let us know what you think?

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