Alison Cork’s beautiful home

Check out this stunning interior, which its owner Alison Cork describes as a mix of "Rococo meets Contemporary with a hint of Tart’s Boudoir". We recently met up with Alison, lifestyle guru, writer for The Telegraph and Evening Standard and founder of Homes&Bargains, to take a look at her stunning new home, which she shares here with ACHICA Living readers. Alison moved into her six-floor 1820s town house with husband Efi and their sons, Iggy, 9, and David, 9, a year ago...

What first attracted you to your new home?

I'd been badgering local agents for about two years with my impossibly specific wish list. Then one day an agent rang and said they had seen ‘my house’. I was at the door within ten minutes, walked into the sitting room and knew I had found home.

What did it look like when you first moved in?

It had been occupied by a very colourful and lovely theatrical impresario who had passed away aged 94. The house was caught in a time warp, including layers of wallpaper from various decades and delightful barley twist oak banisters...

What was your first decorating task?

We took out the worst excesses of MDF carpentry and let the original features breathe again. I was so happy to have a home I just let rip and went for colour – everywhere! The style is very eclectic, but probably fair to say Rococo meets Contemporary with a hint of Tart’s Boudoir.

Did you make any structural changes?

We were a bit strapped for cash, so did nothing except cosmetic changes.

What inspires you and why?

Glamour, elegance, theatricality and a sense of history – it lifts my spirits and makes every day feel like an occasion.

What sort of furnishings did you use?

The best and most luxurious fabrics I could afford, and a panoply of furniture from recycled family pieces to repro, high street and a lot of online purchases. A real mix of modern and old. I am a total vertical shopper.

Any decorating hitches along the way?

Old houses love to surprise and so we had to contend with things like the very ancient parquet floors evaporating before our eyes when we tried to sand the paper-thin wood.

What's your best buy?

My bath, because I spend an inordinate amount of time in it, so on a cost per use basis, it's a real bargain.

What do you love about the overall feel of your home and what's your favourite design feature?

That it's a home, filled with photos and things that are meaningful to me and my family. My favourite feature is a toss up between the Marlene Dietrich wall in my bedroom, and the goddess mosaic in the bathroom. I adore the final results. I know I am home when my bare feet sink into the carpet and I can smell the wood polish from the banisters. I really could just sit there all day.

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