Yay for Yukari Sweeney at 100% Design

Set in the lofty heights of Earl's Court exhibition centre, 100% Design can come across as a bit clinical. But this year, while we ventured deep into the white noise of the grand hall, one particular designer called Yukari Sweeney really stood out for her warmth and characterful charm.

Just take a look at her beautiful Wish You Were Here wallpaper panels above, inspired by Japanese micro homes. Before moving to London and setting up her design business in 2007, Yukari worked in the fashion industry in Japan and it's still relevant in her work today. "Being involved with the fashion industry has left me with a real understanding of the importance detail can make to a finished piece," she says. "When I'm designing my products, I try to evoke a real sense of closeness between the individual and their home environment.' She trained with god of stripes Paul Smith and acclaimed print-duo Eley Kishimoto, which explains a thing or two about her confident and cool style...

Wild West Toile wallpaper, Yukari Sweeney at 100% Design.

Tulip tulip frost wallpaper design (above).

Furoshiki Rain 300 design (above)

This Wish You Were Here furoshiki print (above) is designed to 'evoke the fun of discovering new places on holiday, whether it be famous landmarks, pretty beaches and road or boutiques, cafes and shops'. Yukari has brought the concept of furoshiki to her company. It's a type of Japanese wrapping cloth - an alternative to the eco bags that you use to transport your shopping - clever and charming.

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