Light up your day with nautical style at home

You may not live in a lighthouse, own a boat or even a rubber duck for that matter, but you can still channel nautical style at home with these beautiful Coast Guard Patrol Spotlights as featured in the ACHICA promotion. The faithful reproduction from Authentic Models is mounted on a mahogany tripod and angle adjustable with a clever piece of 1930s-style technology. It works as the ideal statement piece when it's just standing there looking pretty and is equally breathtaking when it's on, producing a beautiful beam of light that would bring a feature wall to life.

There's also the Search Light  that comes in a nickel and black finish too, which adds an edgier more modern feel. It replicates the original lamps found on 1940's Navy boats. While you're looking, don't miss the French lantern that's based on a 1920's original with hand- blown glass, a rain hood and an original oil burner. Finally, check out AM's Classic Globe, which is a neat 59cm tall and comes complete with a cast-iron stand. All you need now is a view of the sea from your living room window...


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Emily Peck, Editor

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