We just can’t get Kylie’s candles out of our heads

Rather wonderful dontcha think? Especially For You ACHICA Living readers, we're posting news of Kylie's latest candle range 'Kylie at home', which launched this week and has got us Spinning Around. On A Night Like This, when it's raining outside and winter is having a ding dong with summer, it's such a delight for us to light one of Kylie's beautifully scented creations and chill out under the candlelight.

It's No Secret that they'd be perfect for a Celebration too. If You Were With Us Now you'd be able to tell how delicious these candles are. There are four scents in the range, including Oralee, a floral yet slightly spicy, gingerflower scented candle, which is enclosed in a stylish white box adorned with a diamante embellishment. There's Artemis, Liora and Hestia too, defined by their style and shape, which have a vanilla and mint scent. We Wouldn't Change A Thing about them. They make the perfect gift, but We Should Be So Lucky if anyone will buy us some...

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Emily Peck, Editor

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