Interview: What’s cooking with Gordon Ramsay?

As Gordon Ramsays range of homewares come to ACHICA, we chat to the legendary chef to find out what inspires him, what his favourite comfort food is and to discover why he missed out on joining the police force. Read out interview here...

If you hadn't been a chef which career path would you have wanted to pursue? Other than footy.

That’s a hard one! I looked at joining the police, but I didn’t have enough qualifications. I’ll say a Formula 1 driver - what a great job!

Who inspires you?

My mum still inspires me to this day - she’s an incredibly strong woman. I hate to say it but she’s always right too.

What has been the most exciting project you've worked on?

I’ve been lucky enough to work on some amazing projects over the years. The re-launch of Petrus has been a real highlight this year. It’s a beautiful little restaurant and I’m really proud of it. The re-launch of Petrus has been a highlight for Gordon...

You’ve worked a lot in America. What would you say are the main differences in food between the US and UK?

The US is far bigger than the UK of course, so it really differs region to region. Saying that, I think both nations are starting to think more about what they eat on a daily basis.

In terms of food trends - what do you think will be big this summer?

Simple plates of food with no fuss - just good produce that’s cooked well. More and more people want to know what they’re eating and are more concerned the provenance of the produce.

What three products could you not live without?

Maldon salt and fresh herbs. And tomato ketchup - I love it with Shepherd’s pie!

Do you have a top tip for a wannabe chef? What’s the secret to successful cooking?

Dedication. It’s taken over 20 years and a lot of hard graft to get to the position I’m in now. Learn from your mistakes and take all the advice you get along the way.

What's your favourite dish?

I love a good fish pie - it's the perfect comfort food.

Do you and Tana fight over who's going to do the cooking each night?!

Tana nearly always does the cooking in the week and I’ll take over at weekends. It works well and we’ll often get the kids involved too, which they love.

What will you be cooking tonight?

A nice rib-eye steak served with a simple salad and a glass of red wine…delicious.

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