Grab some Guzzini goodies for the kitchen

This week Guzzini comes to ACHICA, with fresh collections from the Italian design mavens Fratelli Guzzini appearing every day of the week. Guzzini creates ranges with the aim of satisfying the close relationship between people and objects, symbolizing the culture of living well and interpreting the all-Italian style of household objects. Practical, distinctive, reliable and of the highest quality, these objects can play a central role in daily routine or smart dining occasions. Our magpie eyes were dazzled by the Look collection in the Guzzini Dining promotion, which features acrylic and chrome-accented tableware pieces.

With the Guzzini Baking promotion it's time to make like Martha Stewart. There's everything you need for baking and cake-making in a rainbow of paintbox-perfect colours and all in handy, dishwasher-safe acrylic. Our favourites include the heart-shaped moulds for making adorable jellies and sweet treats.

Snap up jugs, plates, cutlery and trays, all in picnic-friendly acrylic in summery brights. You can also kit out your kitchen with a blender for making soups and smoothies, a whisk for perfect meringues and an electric juicer for a stylish vitamin C fix, all in fresh sherbet-hued colour finishes.

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Nina Fitton, Writer, ACHICA

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