What’s the buzz? The latest entomology homeware trend

Entomology is the new black. Beetles and bugs galore now adorn fabrics and furnishings in all the most stylish stores and homes. So we’re going to fight our fear of creepy crawlies and welcome them into our interiors…

We’ve fallen for DAY’s beetle and insect printed cushions, which are scientific and unfussy in design. These pillows are perfect for those who approach this trend with a little trepidation.

achicaliving.com Who needs digital printing when there’s beauty in nature itself? InsectFrames turns arthropods into art so beautiful you’ll forget you’ve got deceased creepy-crawlies as décor!

achicaliving.com La Rochere produces chunky glassware embossed with little bees. The designs are simple and robust.


For those willing to whole-heartedly invite these tiny members of the animal kingdom into their home, we’d recommend a feature of entomological wallpaper. Both Timorous Beasties and Vivienne Westwood for Cole & Son have produced some fantastic prints that are teeming with life.

achicaliving.com achicaliving.com


Whether you opt for the rows of moths from Timorous Beasties or for Vivienne Westwood’s tangled vines that are home to spiders, snails, grasshoppers and even frogs, you can be sure that inviting the great outdoors inside has never been so on-trend.

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