Fill your home with fabulous fragrance

There's a gorgeous scent filling the ACHICA Living offices this week. As the promotion with Wax Lyrical kicks off, we've been lucky enough to sample the latest candle collections. All scents are made up of notes - top notes, middle notes, and bottom notes - are you making notes? Wax Lyrical divides its scents into four delightful themes...

'FRUITY' is all defined by its juicy notes of apple, pear, plum, mango and melon. We love the Goji and Raspberry soy candle, which has a sweet touch of crystallised sugar.

'FLORAL' which includes the Linen & Cashmere candle is a subtle mix of soft sandalwood and dry amber interlaced with floral accords of iris, cyclamen and violet.

'FRESH' is all about outdoors freshness, with echoes of the sea and breezy days on the freshly cut lawn. The Powder Fresh candle has top notes of violet and pepper with mid notes of rose, jasmine and mimosa balanced by tonka and powdery musk - as clean a smell as freshly wash laundry.

‘SPICE’ gives aromatic, rich and exotic nods to the orient. With its creamy blend of sweet vanilla and musk with a twist of earthy notes, tonka bean and blonde woods, the Vanilla & Tonka candle conjures up the smell of delicious Sunday sponge cake baking.


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