Create a stylish boutique wardrobe To keep that beautiful new outfit looking pristine, it needs a good home. Avoid clothes spilling out of your wardrobe and wake up to a neat, calm and clutter-free bedroom with tips from designer Julia Dee from Total Wardrobe Care...

Use the motto two new things in, two old things out
Be ruthless and get rid of the clothes you don't need. Ask yourself 'When was the last time I wore this?' - if you haven't stepped out in something for six months, swop it with a friend, give it to a charity shop or sell it online.

Coordinate your separates 
Sort tops, trousers, knits, lingerie, skirts and other essentials into neat piles. Divide them into lights and darks too - not only will it freshen up the look and make opening up the wardrobe a delight, but it'll make it easier for you to pull outfits together.

Get yourself a folding palette 
These clever gadgets ensure all your tops are folded in the same way and in the same size. They're easy to use and practical.

Store correctly to save on ironing time 
By keeping folded tops and t-shirts in breathable cotton bags you'll keep them clean, crease-free and away from moths. Look for ones with description labels at the front and a mesh top so you can easily see contents.

Keep your clothes smelling fresh 
For a gorgeously scented boudoir, place essential oils (preferably anti-moth) in your wardrobe and throughout your bedroom. Choose from pot pourri sachets to hanging bags for the inside wardrobe, to scented candles for around the room.

Use the right hanger for the right job 
Use rubber-covered non-slip hangers with a sloping edge for knits and t-shirts.

Choose from the ultimate coat and jacket hanger with a curved back, which mimics the shape of your shoulder.

A flocked hanger with cushioning pegs or specific trouser hanger that's designed with minimal space above the trouser bar leaves more room for storage.

Be ruthless
Pack away out of season clothes. Store them at the top of the wardrobe in a breathable container, packed in acid-free tissue. For larger items, such as duvets and pillows, use specifically designed wardrobe storage boxes.

Get your best friend in or employ the services of a stylist to update your existing wardrobe - a fresh eye will help create a fresh look.

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