Buyer’s guide to digital radio

Audio expert Vicky Deacon from PURE Digital shares with us her tips on what to look for when choosing the perfect digital radio...

Listen and learn: Arguably one of the most important features of a digital radio is how it sounds. Ask to listen to the same station on different radios and you’ll soon separate the good from the bad.

Choose efficient features: Look out for energy efficient products that will save you money - some digital radios are recommended by the Energy Saving Trust identifiable by an EST logo on the packaging.

Consider location: Think about where you’ll be using your digital radio, some offer portability, some are great for the kitchen, some have alarms for the bedside and others are good for the outdoors.

Check the brand: It’s worth looking for a recognisable brand to ensure the product is of a good quality.

Team with your smartphone: If you’re looking for a digital radio with an iPod/iPad dock or something that links up to your smart device to play your tunes , make sure it’s been accredited by a ‘Works with iPhone’ logo to ensure it’s fully compatible.

Be spoilt for stations: Combined digital and Internet radios offer the best of both worlds allowing access to local stations as well as thousands of online radio stations and podcasts worldwide.

Wake up to radio: If you’re after a clock radio, then make sure it’s got all the alarms you need – some digital clock radios have four alarms so you can set different wake-up times for you, your partner, weekdays or weekends. They also automatically update to the correct time when the clocks change so you’ll never oversleep.

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