Apply Benefit makeup like a pro

Benefit's celebrity make-up artist Rachel Wood, who has worked with top names such as Daisy Lowe, Alesha Dixon and Erin O'Connor, shares her expert beauty secrets so you can leave the house looking like a star…

Get the perfect base: Once your face feels smooth having used a good moisturiser, such as Dear John make up, it's time to prepare your base. When applying foundation, it's best not to follow the norm by using up and down strokes. Go for circular motions - a bit like you would when polishing a car! It results in a flawless finish. Instead of using a normal flat foundation brush, use a buffering brush too, such as Benefit Hello Flawless, which makes the skin look more polished. Look like Audrey Hepburn: A great way to get glamorous Hepburn-style eyeliner that's ideal for an evening look is to use a powdered eyeliner. But, instead of mixing it with water use Benefit She Laq, which keeps the liner in place for hours and won't smudge. Create luscious lips:  This year it's all about red lips. To give your lips a good frame you can use D'finer D'liner. But, instead of a matt finish, I like to create red lips with extreme high shine. Apply lipstick to your hand and mix with clear gloss before applying with a brush for pure Hollywood glamour. Finish with Benefit Frenched lipstick. Introduce brights into your look: Colour is easier to introduce than you think, but it's best to break yourself in gently! Gorgeous electric blue mascara worn with clear gloss looks good on blondes and brunettes. Try Benefit Bad Gal Blue for great effect. Sheer bright blusher can look amazing and really brightens up your look. Benefit Thrrrob powder has a strong flush toned but is sheer so it doesn't look too heavy.

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